A Short Story

Kiive Audio was born from an idea to create digital tools for musicians. It was an idea that we wanted to give it a certain vision.

We didn´t see it as a solid company but as a hobby and when we started to work with this idea, it set a certain horizon.

We saw references and we imagine how we could adapt our business idea better. We never thought that it would become a source of primary income and financial freedom.

On July 11, 2021, we made the official launch in a rudimentary way and since that we have great expectations to make this work more and more worthwhile for our users.

Our Manifest

“Music is not created by the ELITE, you create music in your room with your first guitar, making extraordinary compositions.

It´s about finding perfection in imperfection (like the musicians of yesterday), because that we still like your music.

We want you to feel that you have what is promised, total access, and you will be acompannied, not abandoned”

About Our Plugins

  • We keep improving the aesthetic quality of our plugins.
  • We focus on mantain the quality of sound and thinking in or customers
  • We work hard to create intuitive and functional products thanks to the feedback of our betatesters and award winning people in the industry.

Our Team


Developer/Music Producer


GUI Designer /3D Designer/
Music Producer